Other Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
under MCSA

This page is solely contributed to our local brother (ehhh and sister) SIG groups with whom we are in the same boat under the blessing of MCSA.  This should be, please, treated as a visual virtual medium as a means of better interaction between our local groups and overseas or outer alien computer societies...

In order to let you have your preferred interests in all fields and/or to let you expand your knowledge horizon, we would like to feel free to give you the opportunity to 
electronically communicate with the group coordinators of the founded for potential technical discussions, support and whatsoever of the sort. There may likely be more and more groups coming in action and we shall keep this site current..

However, folks, we shall so much appreciate if you take note of the followings prior to your contacts.

1. Hope you know all the on-line rules, do's and don'ts!!!
2. Don't send nonsense to their e-mails!!!
3. In case of difficulties in contacting them, please feel free to contact our
webmaster team at any time.
4. Their responsiveness is up to their own judgment
5. MyanmarLUG assumes no responsibility for errors and any consequences resulting from the use of the information contained herein.

In general and in principle, with group expertise, we all aim to establish an ever better Myanmar Computer society and to deliver ICT (Information Communication Technology) literacy to the peoples of Myanmar.  (so that commercial companies can make $$$ out of that..hehehe..just kidding;)

1. SIG-Computer Control System
Coordinator : Ko Shein Kyi of Uni Tech
E-mail : sigs@MyanmarLUG.org

2. SIG-Database
Coordinator : Mr. Nay Tun Thein of Integra
E-mail : integra@mptmail.net.mm

3. SIG-E-Commerce
Coordinator : Mr. Tun Thura Thet of MIT
E-mail : mit@mptmail.net.mm

Coordinator : Mr. Zaw Naing of Myanmar Intergraph
E-mail : sigs@MyanmarLUG.org

5. SIG-Internet
Coordinator : Mr. Thaung Su Nyein of Maze (MEZ)
E-mail : maze@mptmail.net.mm

6. SIG-IT Professionals
Coordinator : Mr. Kyaw Thu of DDM
E-mail : ddm@mptmail.net.mm

7. SIG-Java
Coordinator : Mr. Zaw Myint Tun of informatic
E-mail : sigs@MyanmarLUG.org

8. SIG-Language Technology and standardization
Coordinator : Mr. Thaung Tin of K.M.D
E-mail : tin.kmd@mptmail.net.mm

9. SIG-Multimedia
Coordinator : Mr. Chit Tun Pe of Inforithm
E-mail : inforithm@mptmail.net.mm

10. SIG-Software Engineering
Coordinator : Mr. Ye Yint Win of ACE
E-mail : sigs@MyanmarLUG.org

11. SIG-Web Technologies
Coordinator : Mr. Hlawn Moe Aung of CYC
E-mail : cyc@mptmail.net.mm

(The group titles have been alphabetically sorted for uniformed presentation purpose!)
MyanmarLUG/SIG-Linux plans to highly coordinate with other groups in the future.
The ideas and dialogues that we mention above are purely made by MyanmarLUG.