As part of our knowledge distribution activities, we occasionally make workshop-style public seminars  delivering a variety of Linux related subjects. Based on our record, many IT professionals, Linux newbies and users have attended our seminars. In each and every seminar, we also contribute at least some 30 CD-ROMs of Linux Installers, RHCE and many million bytes of e-docs. Since we wanna show (more correctly, boast;) you of our achievement, we have organized the following seminar list for you.

1st Seminar 09th June 2000 at 9:30 a.m. at Natmauk Lane
Topics :
1. Myanmar Character Usage under Linux being in line with ISO10646
- bdf/pcf/ttf/font stuff and things like that....

2nd Seminar 30th July 2000 at 12:30 p.m. at Natmauk Lane
Topics :
1. Linux
- A brief history of Linux, the only free and open source OS
- Hardware requirement determination
- Planning and Installation of Linux
- An introduction to popular services under Liunx such as e-mail, web, telnet and ftp....
This session is intended for Linux newbies for getting started and we shall help pass with ease some painful moments, difficulties and limitations, of the installation that we had in our past times.

2. Myanmar Character Usage under Linux
- How we can start coding an algorithm in line with approved ISO10646
- Keyboard mapping table for various types of keyboard layouts
Simply put, we are implementing the Myanmar Standard Character Set (UNICODE ISO-10646) not only for Linux but also for other platforms to be ported. Please do help us! All we need is your logic and suggestions.

3rd Seminar 20th August 2000 at 9:30 P.m. at Natmauk Lane
Topics :
1. Linux
- Basic Linux(Unix) housekeeping commands and utilities
- Basic Linux(Unix) System Administration
- Basic popular services under Linux/Unix such as such as e-mail, web, telnet and ftp....
- Basic Do's and Don'ts under Linux
- Linux Internetworking with M$ Windows 9x/2K
This session is intended for Linux newbies for getting started and to recap the previous section "Introduction to Linux, Planning and Installation".

2. General Networking essentials
- TCP/IP V.S. OSI Layers
- Network classes, Subnets, Subnet masks, Top level domain names....
- Protocols, Ports, sockets, RFC's, Routers, Gateways,
This session will brief you about networking stuff in general and without knowing them, you are, trust me!, handicapped on the Internet!

4th Seminar 10th September 2000 at 3:00 p.m. at KMD
Topics :
1. X Window System (The Standard GUI for Unix/Linux)
- Introduction to X Window System
- Introduction to and demo on X Window System architectural components
- Introduction to How X Servers work
- Introduction to How Common Desktop Environments work
- Introduction to Virtual Machines
(To run two or more OS'es under one machine BUT running concurrently:) Strange:)?
- VMWare
- Linux for Windows
- Super X Server for Win 9x/NT (X emulation under Windows)
This session is intended for Linux newbies for getting started with X Window System under Linux and eventually to educate the wonderful client-server technology-using graphical environment. This session will equally convince that M$ Win9x and Win 2K are NOT the only GUI.
2. Sun Solaris
- Introduction to Sun products and Solaris
- The Pro's and Con's of Using Sun Solaris Unix (Intel Version)
- The future of Sun Solaris Unix (Intel Version)
This session will brief you about Sun products and Solaris Unix OS in general based on the test results and we will leave all the work for you to decide whether it is worth testing it at home or not:)

5th Seminar 1st October 2000 at 3:00 p.m. at KMD
Topics :
1. PostgrepSQL under Linux
- It is all about Relational Database Management System under Linux.
- It is free and open source.
This session will brief you how you can  easily implement an RDBMS environment on Linux linking with Clients Software in M$ Windows Environment.
2. SAMBA (Server Message Block Protocol) Utility Suite
- Linux/Windows internetworking/integration
- It is a multi-platform supportive package.
3. Pre-processors/Compilers
- Let's understand the basic theories to hack the Linux Kernel.
- No kidding:)
4. Shell Scripting (Linux)
- It is powerful yet fun to write script.
- Sure, you don't need to know C/C++ or any Prog. language else.
5. Linux on Floppy
- Yes. Linux on Floppy

6th Seminar 19th November 2000 at 3:00 p.m. at KMD
Topics :
1. DNS (Domain Name System) service under Linux
- The service will help you refrain from typing clumsy octets.
- Let's experience how it works.
2. IP Masquerading (Internet sharing) under Linux
- Sharing "one" Internet account with others on the same LAN
- Package installation and configuration demo (Live?, depends!)
3. Java under Linux
- JDK (Java Development Kit) Version 1.2 under Linux Installation demo
- Intro to Visual Java tool "FORTE"
4. Linux Certification in the IT industry
- Understanding Linux Professional Institute Certification (LPIC)
- Understanding RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer) Certification
- What can you demand with those certifications? come find out

7th Seminar 14th January 2001 at 3:00 p.m. at KMD
-A tour out of this website "" run by us
2. E-mail
- Everything you need to know about "Electronic Mail" facility under Linux
- Understanding SMTP, POP, IMAP, Web-based e-Mail
- Understading protocols, ports, sockets
- Email facility demonstration over network
3. Q&A and FAQs Section