William W.L.K ((william@myanmarLUG.org)

(the Coordinator of Myanmar LUG)

He is 25, a computer science post grad of Staffordshire University (UK), currently working for a German garment production company as an EDP Officer. In his workplace, his workhorses are one RS-6000 with AIX Unix, One Netfinity with Novell 5.11 and one IBM 300GL with SuSE Linux. His experience with Unix is as rich as 2 whole years and with Linux, 1 year very dedicatedly and very devotedly. He founded SIGLiux (Special Interest Group-Linux) within .mm under MCSA and the group stands and commits herself as a Myanmar Linux User Group to the global Linux community. He feels that LUG-MM (a) SIGLinux must grow inadvertently along with Int'l open source movement. He cares about nothing but his 8x6 work, his mmlug/siglinux group, the next generation of .mm and his family. He is good at logic and theory, better at EDP Planning & Management, the best at coordinating things. He now happily lives with his wife, Sandar at 35, 9th St, Yangon, Myanmar. (His wife ever wishes that she were one Linux distro, so that, he'd spend more time with her:) (He wrote his foregoing profile himself...hehehe:)

Khin Mi Mi Aung ( kmma@myanmarlug.org)

She is 28, one of the co-founders of the group, working for the same company as William's, as a Tech Support officer. She is an M. C Sc. student and has been trained for Intranet Technologies for 3 months in Japan with the joint educational programme of CICC and MCSA. She has been in computer field for as long as 8 years. As for her devotion, R&D and playing around with Linux (and AIX) on which creativity horizon can expand are her happy hours.

Win Naing ((win_naing@myanmarlug.org)

He is 28, one of the co-founders of the group, holder of BE (Electronic) from YIT, but he dove into an ocean of computer filed in 1996. He also works with William as an EDP Operator, taking care of the daily fully computerized operation. He writes scripts. He configures systems. He logs. He tests. He reports. He spends much of his time in front of the Linux console. He is currently getting much absorbed in RDBMS.

Hla Win Kyaing (Pho La Min) (Pho_lamin@myanmarlug.org)

 He is the advisor as well as one of the co-founders of the group, 1975-born, a B. Sc (Math's) degree and an IDCS diploma holder, an MCSE, MCP+I, a CNA. May Micro$oft and God forgive him since much of his devotion is to "Linux" and open source. As for his profession, he has been working for his mother company Geocomp as a Systems Engineer. As for his specialties, he cooks networking in Linux and NT/2000. And he is a contract IT Support Officer at one leading Int'l Bank in Myanmar. Oh!I'm almost forgotten! He e-mailed me to make sure that the following facts must be built into his profile. Therefore, here we go:) " He is a heavy Yahoo messenger user, still single and available, with an ICQ No. 98119818, loves hiking, swimming, listening MP3 music;)". He is the guru of Naing Win Oo.

Naing Win Oo ((nwo_mm@myanmarlug.org)

He is 26, a B. Sc (Hons:) Physics [certificate holder], an IDCS (NCC, UK), one of the co-founders of the group, He knows enuff of SUN Solaris, DNS, Sendmail and DBMS. He loves to code VB, CGI and is in deed much of a sentimental visual programmer;). If he ever told you "I don't know much about it yet", please note that he knows much about it already and probably more than you do. Got that?

Winston (winston@myanmarlug.org)

He is a very good friend of William. He helps this website real moved! He is in deed a virtual co-founder as well as an advisor of the group. Without his help and consultation, this website could not have been materialized.

He is 29, currently residing at Sunnyvale, California, USA, the heart of Silicon Valley and currently the only overseas advisor to Myanmar LUG. Some of Sunnyvale based companies include AMD, Yahoo, National Semiconductor and NASA Ames Research Center. He is a Buyer for Tele-communication company by profession but keep a keen interest in Technological affairs. The professional business minded person as he is, he is a critics of person who thinks technology is everything in Life. His expertise includes networking, system integration, infrastructure and web site design and administration.

He started using Linux in the beginning of 1999 and his very first distribution is Red Hat Linux 6.0 although his work with computers begin in 1992. He first use Internet in 1993 when Netscape was in version 1.3 and NCSA just released its Mosaic browser with graphic support. He is a registered Linux user 129936 with Linux counter which is a project of Linux International. His education include a certificate in Supply chain Management from American Production and Inventory Control Society, a certification of Windows NT and advanced Windows NT from Computer Training Academy, a completed MCSE Certification training and two years of completed course work in Electrical Engineering from City College of San Francisco. He is a volunteer webmaster of Myanmar Linux User Group, Silicon Valley Linux User Group and other various web sites.