MyanmarLUG Organizational Structure

Originally, this organization was born free and non-hierarchical. Nonetheless for the sake of efficient group management, the following acting group has been unanimously formed within the non-hierachical organization.


William W.L.K ( Co-ordinator of MyanmarLUG and SIG-Linux )

Officially, it is his sole responsibility to manage and execute policies, objectives, plans and arrangements with the very distinct support of his fellow members.
(Yeah...he does do the talking ... he does take the heat too!!!)


1. Pho La Min
2. Winston

They advise the group at any account. They are Mr. Detailers.

Co-founders/Active key members

1. Khin Mi Mi Aung
2. Win Naing
3. Pho La Min
4. Naing Win Oo
5. Arnold
6. Ravi
7. Myo Zeya Oo
8. Winston (Virtual co-founder)

Enthusiastically, this steering group takes part in every single activity that the group initiates at any rate. More logically, they will correct William if he misconceives. :-). (They are some people like board of directors. With group effort, William runs this organization with them very happily.)

Membership (Local)

For those inside Myanmar who take a (strong) interest have become members of MyanmarLUG/SIGLinux. They are a network of wonderful local newbies-to-professionals. However, the local member list is not officially and properly organized (yet).

Membership (on-line)

Our brother group (Myanmar Linux Online) has founded Myanamr Linux Users club under yahoo! clubs. Therefore not to let Myanmar Linux users scatter around all the world-wide Myanmar (Linux) users/professionals are encouraged to join the club and append the existing member list there. We've got a LUG user repository in which we discuss, debate and FAQ Linux subjects of all kinds (but not limited to!).

Foreign consultants

In any case if foreign experts wishes to join the group, they will be accepted as "consultants" to the group. Certainly, the foregoing is helping you understand our organization more thoroughly.

If you would like to retrieve more information, please send us an e-mail.

Thank you for your interest in MyanmarLUG.