On-line Membership

We are currently designing in progress to construct the following facilities

1. a simple club/web posting service
2. a simple club mailing list

For the time being, the most convenient way of being an on-line member of MyanmarLUG and taking part in technical discussion/forum is to join the club "Myanmar Linux Users Group" founded by my brother group mmlinux!!!

Click here to join the club
Myanmar Linux Users Club

In a brief fashion, the club was founded in 11 November 1999 by #byteclay, #phothar and #mmr00t and MyanmarLUG group joined the club some 9 months ago and gets actively involved in discussing policies, plans, technical and localization issues and many more.  The coordinator of MyanmarLUG would not want Myanmar Linux users to spread on the net by many clubs and his utmost emphasis is to gather at one place and unite as one to the global linux community!

Our policies may not be the same and one can merely practice others.  Nevertheless, our philosophy is the same;

1. we love linux
2. we are concerned about localization
3. we feel as if independent non .gov .org
4. we are free from commercialization fever

In accent, it truly means that the outer mm linux task forces and the inner one get united as one!!! Right, #Byte?

May I therefore see you there at the club, Sir? In case you have difficulties joining the club, please do not hesitate to contact our webmater team at any time!