Myanmar Linux User Group

Prime Objectives


1. To evaluate and advocate the "Free" and "Open Source" Operating System, Linux; a variant of Unix, by the effort of group expertise

2. To take part in the world body's of "Open Source" movement promoting the use of Linux as for the benefits of the users
3. To develop Myanmar version of Linux, including native implementation of Myanmar language support and Myanmar character usable office suit based on Unicode char set for MM, under the general guidance of MCSA and volunteer (local and worldwide) developers
4. To distribute Linux knowledge and resources to Myanmar IT professionals, students of all kinds and Linux users by means of CD-ROMs, seminars, in-class training, workshops, online services via web and/or ftp, publishing and other media of all kinds
5. To help new users get starting by assisting information and technical support

6. To provide Linux support to all educational sectors (if requested!)

7. To interact closely with international Linux community so as to keep all the Linux issues updated