Facilitation Programme

Folks, do not be brainstorming yourself to decode what the heck "Facilitation Programme" is all about; Perhaps, it just means that the simple text string "We need your help!!!" has been
rephrased. Why? We don't wanna use the word "help" on the one hand.  On the other hand, we badly need your support OF ALL KIND (be it technical, strategical and/or anything).

Okie, folks, my point is that without any facilitation programme, our group survival series may not be long enough nor moralizing. I beforehand must brief you what is pending and what has been achieved with our self-funding scheme.

Status: Process completed

1. Web presence (You are seeing our pages already:)
 * Yes. completed.

2. CD-ROMs contribution in seminars and special events
 * More than (ehhh let me count..30..60....) 250 CD-ROMs of e-docs + RH installers  and RHCE exams guide have been contributed to seminar patrons.

3. Book collection for mmUnicS Unicode Project and for SIG-Linux lab
 * Have purchased Unicode: Primer!
 * Have purchased Unicode Version 3.0!

Status: Processing

1. mmUnicS (Myanmar Unicode Solution) Project
2. Publication of the past seminar subjects
3. Lab set-up for R&D
4. Acquiring more books
5. More CD-ROMs contribution in forthcoming seminars
Plus there are some occasional ad-hoc SIG-Linux activities.

Well, then, for the sake of your (Yeah...Our) good old country and her generation, I'd like to strongly urge you to see what you can do/support out of the above plans.

Let us think about some small things that we can count on you:)

# You can sponsor our special events.
# You can sponsor us technical journals and magazines.
# You can send us books for our SIG-Linux library via snail mail.
# You can send us technical issues to be presented by us for public education.
# You can donate us Hard and Software for our R&D lab.
(Check with me for speedy shipping instructions.)
# You can EFT us for our activities.
(but seriously check with me first!!! It is a very complicated subject!!!)
# You can sponsor us blank CD-ROMs for the aid of public education
# ...
# ...
# ...

(I'm just hinting you....OK?) So, at last or least, you are not clueless of how to support us.
How to contact us, simple; Just click here.


(Only "Thanx"?)

OK.. Thank you very much in deed for your kind and continued support.